Medical Education & Training

We are paving the way for the next generation of physicians & clinicians.

Have you ever gone for a blood draw and thought “Gosh, I hope to be the first one this person ever practices on”? Right. Neither have we.

While everyone needs a first hands-on experience, plenty of training and manikin practice beforehand is preferable – especially from a patient’s perspective. Applying this same theory across medicine, from routine procedures to more complicated, rarely needed surgeries, using hyper-realistic education techniques is the clear wave of the future.

We’ve partnered with the Jacobs School of Medicine at the University at Buffalo to pave the way for the future of medical education. Soon we hope to see the standards raised across the board with more effective and streamlined teaching techniques for each upcoming medical professional.

From fundamental learning of complicated topics like anatomy and physiology (the dreaded "A&P") to pediatric open heart surgeries, the ability to repeatedly experience and truly understand procedures before a life is hanging in the balance is how we achieve the best results modern medicine can possibly provide.