Immersive Training

Make each hire the best yet with a custom designed and developed training series for onboarding and continuing education.

After resumes are reviewed, interviews are completed, and the offer is accepted, the real work begins. Starting a new position is always a bit intimidating and nobody likes bumbling around a new space, having to ask about each and every little thing. Likewise, pausing to explain that the inevitable intricacies of each particular working environment is time-consuming. Result: an inevitable lose-lose scenario. After all, you’re hiring to increase your efficiency.

As your company or practice is growing and evolving, you cannot always be available to train each new hire. And, ensuring effective training is paramount to continuing the growth you’ve worked so hard to deserve. With State-of-the-Art VR training, you can guarantee that each member of your team knows everything - from where to find extra copier paper to how to use tools, and apply best practices with your customers from the get-go, without continual interruptions to your busy Staff.

From both 'short and sweet,' to 'no-stone-unturned,' each training is fully developed to be unique to your business and the specific needs of your growing team.