Immersive Education

We’re supporting learners and educators from the "ABC's" through M.D. to bring out the very best that our modern education system can offer.

Early Education

Many classrooms across the country are finding success using VR to enhance people's understanding of traditional concepts. This technology allows, as one example, for the study of an ecosystem to be vividly demonstrated with a virtual stroll through actual rainforests, replacing the traditional memorization of raw facts.

Using the nearly universal success of this technology as a springboard, we’re developing VR scenarios that support students and educators in both developing and teaching revolutionary soft skills to support a lifetime of success. The unfortunate truth is that many children, across all socioeconomic scales, do not have models or methods for developing these attributes effectively.

By essentially using 'life-like' virtual scenarios to model commendable behavior - especially in tough situations - children both experience and become enabled to internalize and develop valuable skills that are truly worth emulating.

Advanced Education

With a current focus in medicine, we’ve partnered with the Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, housed in the University at Buffalo, to record a series of medical classes using advanced VR.

These recordings offer each student the ability - at his or her own leisure - to enter a lecture or take a lesson on any topic, from bedside manner to cadaver Anatomy and Phsyiology, while always earning a front-row seat! Even more importantly, each scenario can be replayed, without limit, in part or whole - allowing students to hone in on any areas if high importance, or potential weakness.