There is HOPE for our Elderly confronting COVID 19.
Listen to how Dr. Paul Shields put his conviction to work and devised a solution in Post-Acute and Long Term Care that made a difference in the elderly lives saved from COVID 19.
Dr. Shields’ passionate story relays how families, healthcare providers, hospitals, and payors thought outside the box to minimize the negative outcomes that occurred during the first round of this pandemic. It’s a story about solution oriented people who really cared.
Dr. Shields and his healthcare colleagues continue to care and they want to share their success so that other Post Acute and Long Term Care facilities can improve the outcomes of elderly patients around the globe.
You’re invited to share your success stories so measures can be adopted to assure our ELDERLY that they ARE VALUED for what they have contributed to all our lives. Contact Dr. Shields directly at or 716-309-4772, and together, let’s bring HOPE to our Elderly.
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