Crosswater and UB at CIT

Crosswater and the University at Buffalo have developed an exciting alliance in VR/360 for education.
Get a glimpse into the SUNY CIT conference where Graduate School of Education, University at Buffalo researchers, Dr’s Rich Lamb and Beth Etopio, presented with Crosswater some of the innovative research that resulted from our collaboration with UB in VR/360!

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Guide to HMD’s


With the many innovative uses for VR/360 content comes an array of specialized choices of Head Mounted Displays (HMD’s).

The details of all the choices can get very specific and a bit overwhelming. Luckily, AdWeek has put together this guide to understand the choices on the market, and to help you become an informed customer.

Any of these would be a good choice for experiencing Crosswater’s Immersive VR/360 content. VR is the wave of the future. Won’t you join us?

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VR? AR? MR? Let’s Clear the Air

VR? AR? MR? Sometimes it can be difficult to keep up with the latest iterations of this rapidly evolving technology. Brush up on the characteristics of each of these in this article.
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VR Used for Pain Relief

A growing trend in the medical field is the use of VR to reduce discomfort without the need for invasive pain medications during routine procedures.
It’s a concept that doctors have been experimenting with for years, but it is just now beginning to catch on as VR continues to push it’s way into the mainstream.
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Examples of VR

Examples of VR/360 content produced by Crosswater Digital Media:

Immersive VR/360 Tour – University at Buffalo’s Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences Tour
Immersive VR/360 Tour – University at Buffalo Downtown Campus
Immersive VR/360 Tour – University at Buffalo North Campus
VR Education
Virtual Classroom Demonstration Part 1
Virtual Classroom Demonstration Part 2
Virtual Classroom Demonstration Part 3
Students Enter Virtual Classroom
‘Scout’ The Red Panda at The Buffalo Zoo

Directions for Mobile VR Users

CLICK HERE to access examples of Therapeutic VR/360 content produced by Crosswater Digital Media.

To fully participate in this presentation you will need to download the Youtube & Google cardboard applications from the Google Play Store (Android) or the App Store (iPhone).

Directions for Mobile Users who would like to experience therapeutic VR/360 on a Cardboard Viewer:

Pause the video and turn your mobile device to the horizontal position.

*NOTE* If connected to reliable WiFi, click on the 3 dots in the top right corner and select “Quality.” Select the highest quality that your internet connection will support for a High Definition Immersive Experience. If your connection isn’t strong enough and you choose the highest quality, the video may take some time to load. Youtube will default to a low quality image to play immediately, which may appear grainy or pixelated.

You will see a icon next to the time that looks like a mask. Press on it and your view will change to two mirrored windows, one for each eye.

For the best viewing experience you will need to calibrate the YouTube Player for your particular cardboard viewer. Follow the directions below after completing the steps from above. Press the gear icon in the top right corner of your phone.

This will open the settings for your viewer. Press switch viewer and scan the following QR code, which formats your Youtube app viewer to be compatible with the cardboard viewer. This is a separate code from the one found on your cardboard viewer. You will probably have to select “allow” so the application can use your camera to scan the code.

Once scanned you will be taken back to the settings screen. It will no longer say “default” it will now say “DAYDREAM.LT viewer”. You will see an icon next to the time that looks like a mask. Press on it and your view will change to two mirrored windows, one for each eye.

 Slide your phone into the viewer to watch in VR!

To control stop, start, and to shuttle through the timeline move the white dot over what you would like to select by moving your viewer and press the button on the top right of your cardboard viewer to select.

VR: Empathy Machine

VR has been dubbed “The Ultimate Empathy Machine.”
A few VR experiences were recently featured at the Tribeca Film Festival, and they highlight this powerful feature of Virtual Reality. The immersive experiences featured in this article range from showing the devastating impact of nuclear war, to the reality of life as a young black man in America.
VR can help us feel things we’ve never felt, and give a glimpse into perspectives that we may have never considered.
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UB VR/360

The University of Buffalo’s Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Studies opened late last year, opening new doors for its medical students with state-of-the-art medical equipment.

This is a view from inside of The Surgical Skills Simulation Lab. Get a close up look of these future doctors as they discover what it is like to work in an operating room. Crosswater’s VR/360 team has been actively creating immersive experiences at UB, and there will be more to come.

Stay tuned to our social media pages to see more exclusive VR/360 content!

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As Virtual Reality gains mainstream recognition, we continue to see its usage become more prevalent in many areas. This article outlines how art museums have adopted the technology after seeing the value of displaying VR art exhibits. As one museum-goer put it, “in the museum setting, it’s about surrendering yourself to the vision of the artist.” Learn more about the virtual possibilities —>

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VR for the Blind

Haptic technology is paired with VR to create a fully immersive experience.

If you are not familiar, haptic gloves vibrate on your hands sending you the illusion of touch, bringing sensations of touching tangible objects in a virtual space. Now, this technology is being used to provide the visually-impaired their first opportunity to have a VR experience.

Watch this video to see how these blind individuals were given the opportunity to experience some of the world’s most famous sculptures.

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