Healthy Focus

The advances in modern medicine are amazing. Click on this link to see the latest development for paralyzed patients. It offers new hope!


Summer Revs Up

“99 Days of Summer!” Summer is a great time to buy or lease a car. Hear Crosswater’s latest production on SKM Marketing’s new campaign for Northtown Automotive Group. Crosswater provided the audio production and Littleflick Pictures produced the video.

ASMBS Bariatric CME Conference

InterContinental Miami

Obesity is a complicated issue.Crosswater’s remote recording team found that Nurses & Doctors have a lot of compassion for their patients!The vibrant InterContinental Miami provided the perfect backdrop for Crosswater’s recording of the ASMBS’ Continuing Medical Education series at their recent Bariatric Surgery Education conference.

Music adds a “feel good” moment


Click on the link below and hear how Crosswater’s John Michael Adamo’s music adds a “feel good moment” to Gelia Advertising’s production of Cornerstone Credit Union’s TV Commercial. It’s the little touches that make a good commercial sound “great”!

Cornerstone Credit Union – TV

Music’s Positive Influence

Research continues to support Crosswater’s belief in the powerful bond between music and the healing process. Here’s another link to how music can positively affect mental health care

Crosswater Live!

The Roycroft Inn provided the perfect backdrop for Crosswater’s LIVE recording of the Phil Sims Jazz quartet. For those not familiar, the Roycroft Campus was the birthplace of Elbert Hubbard’s American Arts and Crafts Movement. In the late 19th and early 20th Centuries it was a center of creativity, learning, and entrepreneurship. The legend lives on to this day, and the Jazz recording/performance was just one more example of creativity at it’s best!