GET IMMERSED, with Crosswater!

VR/360, AR, Hololens and spatial audio are providing a world of immersive experiences.

Crosswater has the storytelling and production skills to bring it all to life and make you and your target audience feel a part of this exciting media adventure!

And we love to collaborate with others who share the excitement!

Add Crosswater’s production expertise in spatial audio recording, sound design, and mixing, and you will find all that’s needed for your audience to become truly immersed in the VR/360 and AR experience.

Whether you’re a film-maker, a brand, an advertiser, a medical facility, a non-profit, or an industry looking to upgrade your training resources, Crosswater’s VR/360  production team is prepared to help you design and create an engaging story in the virtual world.

Ask Crosswater how we can take your film, your product, your brand, your training application, or your therapeutic experience for patient education, and give your target audience reasons to return repeatedly to your virtual experience.

When it comes to experience, virtual or otherwise, Crosswater has what it takes to make it memorable and engaging.