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Audio and Video Media Production 

Crosswater Digital Media is a full service audio/video production company with a passion for creating award-winning results. Crosswater has been privileged to work with some of the world’s most prestigious companies and we approach every project with the same goal: to exceed your expectations and deliver the best possible product and service on time and on budget.



Creating the appropriate audio atmosphere takes a critical, nuanced ear coupled with the technical skill to blend and precisely tune diverse music and sound effects into the proper balance. Coming up with right balance of all the elements is an art and a science; Here at Crosswater, we’ve mastered both.

The professionals at Crosswater know how to capture and harness the emotive power of music to create the moods or environments that meet your needs and objectives at both “brick and mortar” and virtual locations.

Crosswater can add color, depth, and richness to your audio along with well-crafted sound design to produce the special atmosphere that influences the mindset of, or provides simple pleasure to, the listening audience wherever it may be.

Crosswater’s audio and video creativity and production techniques are renown.

Need a dramatic voice to give imagery to your script to complimenting your visuals with original music that lifts or soothes the spirit?

Looking to simply remind individuals about people, places, experiences, things, or appointments that matter?

Want to reinforce messaging, branding, or identity through association with a particular musical piece or audio sound?

Seeking to have a greater, more powerful impact on your targeted audience and genuinely influence their thinking or behavior?

Have a unique audio or video challenge that special creativity can solve?

Crosswater has your answers!

Services include:

Voice-Overs/ADR     |     Sound Design     |     Original music

ISDN Connection     |     Live Performance/Webcasts     |     Audio For Live Broadcast

Podcasts     |     Sound To Picture     |     Multi-Lingual Content

IVR     |     Messages On Hold     |     In-store Media



Crosswater guides your video project from concept to completion and can do all or part of your project including:

Creative Development     |     Script Writing     |     Video editing 

Directing/Producing     |     Dialog Replacement     |     Graphic Design

Talent Casting     |     Digital Signage Content     |     Theme music

From TV commercials to corporate communication videos, DVD authoring, educational/training videos or media production for websites, Crosswater delivers a customized product that is distinctive, effective, and viewable with pride.


New & Interactive Media

 Crosswater’s expertise also includes new and interactive media. Crosswater’s creative approaches, combined with its tools and skill sets, provide the critical difference necessary to keep your customers engaged. Crosswater can enhance the excitement, the activity level, the length of participatory time, and the overall satisfaction of your audience with audio and video features that capture and hold attention.

With its digital technology Crosswater is also capable of reworking features so that new versions of your application or product remain attractive and interesting to your customers.

Applications include:

You Tube     |     Vimeo     |     SMS/MMS Mobile

Cellphone Tours     |     Social Media Sites     |     Video Games


Script Writing

If you need fresh, creative thinking, Crosswater is the right place. Because we place such great importance on the value of the written word, script writing is a discipline we approach with special focus and attention. Every word is important. Whether it’s a single in-store spot, part of a multi-media national campaign, or a patient education program, every script gets the utmost professional care.


Voice Casting

There’s no middle ground when it comes to voice casting. The right voice can make the difference between a spot that’s just good or truly great. Fortunately, when it comes to voice-over talent, we’ve got friends in high places. In fact we have a multi-lingual talent pool that spans across the country, and across the border. And we’ve always got our ear to the ground for new and exciting voice talent.


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