How do you make your school, property, healthcare facility, or workplace more accessible to audiences unfamiliar with what to expect at your location?

Immersive VR/360 tours open doors to your world, giving your viewers the feeling that they’re actually there.

Audiences can scroll around their laptop, or don a head-mounted display, and get a 360 degree perspective of what’s in a neighborhood, a student dorm, or an operating room before they have to venture there in person.

Reduce anxiety prior to a medical procedure…save travel costs and introduce new school facilities to students looking for that one thing that differentiates your campus … or prepare a new hire for what to expect before they step onto the factory floor.  These are just some of the areas that Crosswater has helped our clients’ prospects make a decision about what’s best for them.

Whatever your objective, let’s collaborate and see how we can help you deliver a memorable and engaging immersive experience to your prospects. It’s all about the “art and science” and that’s where we excel!