Custom Music

… John’s composition is beautiful. Thanks for sharing it with me. I will put the show on my calendar and pass the word around so friends can watch it and experience some of the professionalism that your company produces …

Joseph A. Czarnota
Senior Designer / Art Director
Gelia, an integrated marketing communications agency



Crosswater is truly, deeply, madly music driven.

Whether to influence shoppers, medical patient behavior, or for pure entertainment, our passion for music will make you “See with your Ears.”

Our team of music composers – lead by our in-house award winning musical tour de force, co-founder John Michael Adamo – can custom create and produce any style of music …from boogie to Beethoven. We have resources in every music discipline from hip to highbrow to underground as well as all the middle ground between. Simply imagine it and we’ll custom compose it.

Crosswater is zealous about music and music composition. Deftly combining tone and tempo and fresh concepts, our music and our sound effects trigger and modulate the full spectrum of a listener’s emotions.  Our unique audio compositions influence listener behavior and responses and are the distinctive polish to lyrics, video, movies, and messaging that bring your projects to life.

Our work has been heard on many levels…

From a few indelible notes that serve as an audio signature for a national product to a :30 jingle that highlights a familiar brand, to sound design in a video game that entices the player to reach the game’s next level,  to a full-length movie score which provides the emotive musical punch, making action more thrilling, horror more chilling,  and love more willing. Whether laughter or tears, our music and immersive sound delivers the desired effect how you want it and when.

It’s all about tapping into the mind, the heart, and the feelings of the listener -through the emotive power of music and sound effects – and making their experience touching and memorable.

Striking the right musical and emotive musical chord is what we do.

Let us demonstrate how for you.


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