Branding & Marketing


Branding and marketing solutions call for a team with the talent and tools to make things happen.

Are you:

  •  Looking to communicate with impact how you want, where you want, to whom you want, and when you want?
  • Seeking to reach your customers everywhere they are: on mobile devices, on-tablets, in-store, in-transit, on-line, on-hold, in waiting rooms, at home?
  • Desiring coordinated and creative messaging and sound signatures across all media platforms?
  • Requiring a demonstrable return on your investment?

Crosswater’s “Sound Results” system is the solution that delivers.

Sound Results provides you with powerful cost-effective campaigns that consistently produce meaningful branding and marketing impressions.

Sound Results seamlessly navigates between alternative and traditional media touching both captive audiences and broadcast viewers.

Sound Results means that you can entrust your business to a group of award-winning professionals with a solid track record; people who understand your world and seek to enhance it.

Our world is your world. We revolve around you and here are some of the ways that Sound Results and Crosswater can help:


Digital Signage Networks – Video and Static Content

Developing original and theme specific content for an organization’s private internal network or public viewing spaces is one of Crosswater’s repeatedly called upon specialties.

As an example, Johnson & Johnson used Crosswater created content to educate their employees about healthy eating choices in their headquarters’ cafeteria. The 800 plus  employee Buffalo Medical Group – one of the largest multi specialty physician group providers in western New York – refreshes the content Crosswater developed to promote their multi-specialty services, primary care, as well as deliver healthy tips to patients and employees.

Crosswater has produced digital signage content for healthcare facilities, financial institutions, QSR menu boards, airports, as well as in-house communications for leading pharmaceuticals, orthodontic appliances, plastic manufacturers, and retailers.

With your digital signage content, you can:

  • Keep your clients up to date on all your services.
  • Educate your employee base about all your product lines.
  • Attract new candidates to job opportunities.
  • Offer specific training that can help new employees and your customers.
  • Announce new specialty services or employee achievements at your healthcare facility or business.

No matter what your objective, digital signage provides cost effective content that can also be repurposed for your website, social media, and traditional media.

Let Crosswater’s experience help you define, present, and refresh the digital message that imparts what your organization can do for your target audience, as well as provide other relevant information that re-enforces your leadership role in the lives and businesses of your audience.



Marketing doesn’t always involve a vocalized message or a simple sound effect such as a ringtone. Sometimes it’s the environmental experience that keeps a customer wandering the aisles or investigating an art installation.  Crosswater develops “soundscapes” to enhance a patron’s experience in museums, movie theatres, retail venues, on ringtones, and more. In some instances, soundscapes are created as zoned “atmospheres” to prolong the customer’s stay-time with multiple sensory experiences.


Mobile Marketing

Crosswater is a premium content developer and distributor for Mobile SMS, MMS, and QR Codes.


Cell Phone Tours

Crosswater is an original content developer for cell phone tours distributed to national parks, museums, city tours, and historical sites. Offered in numerous international languages, with interactive components to enhance the listening experience, the cell-phone tour medium has gained significant acceptance among those attendees who like touring on their own time, especially amongst the mobile generation and increasingly, the senior population.



Crosswater helps you get inside your customer’s brain. By targeting your message to your customer at the most crucial moment— the point of purchase—you can favorably influence their purchase decision. While other advertising mediums are somewhat effective, in-store audio advertising has proven that more than 68% of buying decisions are made at point of purchase. Ask how we can help you reach your target audience in leading drug and grocery channels across North America.


On Hold

Don’t underestimate the value of a captive listener. Anyone whose ever been put on hold knows how important a viable, informative message can be. Crosswater can keep your customers engaged by creating, producing and delivering music and on-hold messages that not only inform but also entertain.

Silence can be costly. According to research conducted by AT&T, 60% of callers placed on silent hold hang up after just 15 seconds. Callers listening to music and messages will stay on hold up to 3 minutes longer.

On-hold messages will keep customers informed about your company’s products, services and current promotions and can be changed monthly, quarterly or yearly depending on your goals and objectives. Ask how we can help you craft and deliver the right message for your callers.


Other Examples


Crosswater In-store Sampler