This short clip is an excerpt from a mass casualty training event that Crosswater captured in VR/360 for the purpose of training first responders.
Many in the US are once again confronting an issue that has plagued the nation since its inception as the “land of the free”. What’s encouraging is that there’s more support than ever from those who have not had to endure the daily fear and pain that our fellow humans with colored skin have had to contend with generation after generation. .
As a company, Crosswater is solution oriented. We see an opportunity to use the emotive force of Virtual Reality to help police train for the unexpected and understand how best to engage with the public in a variety of situations – from arresting a suspect, or helping an accident victim, to engaging in community events. .
Crosswater’s Immersive VR/360 training team has been working with law enforcement on this solution. We encourage police departments and community organizations to explore VR together. Working together can make the training content even more effective. .

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