VR Therapy

Did you know that 19 million US adults struggle with phobias every day of their lives?
Therapists have started using VR/360 technology to expose these people to their greatest fears, teaching them that the initial panic will pass and that they are strong enough to handle the physical reactions that result from irrational fear.
VR therapy is in the preliminary stages of research to find conclusive scientific evidence that the method is an effective way to deal with irrational phobias. However, personal anecdotes from subjects of the therapy method have been overwhelmingly positive thus far.
Take a look at this video by the Associated Press, which explains some examples of how this method has helped people suffering from phobias.
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Therapeutic VR

Enjoy the soothing serenity of this tranquil scene in VR/360!

Crosswater’s west coast Immersive Director and adventurer, Russell, continues to explore engaging landscapes to add to Crosswater’s immersive content library. This scene is from his rugged hike to Goat Rocks Lake, in Washington State, where Russell earned the new moniker, “Virtual Sherpa”! Stay tuned for glimpses of the many other stunning landscapes and parks, and educational content, that Crosswater’s teams have captured in Immersive VR/360 video.

Keep an eye out for our upcoming announcement on where you’ll be able to access our library of experiences for medical and higher education, training, mindfulness programs, and other therapeutic applications. What stock VR/360 footage would you like to see in the library? We welcome your thoughts!

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VR Shopping

Since VR’s introduction to mainstream society, developers have found endless practical applications for the technology to be integrated into our everyday lives.
One of the newest Virtual Reality crazes is its introduction to retail and online shopping markets. VR bridges the gap between in-store and online purchasing by allowing people to get the department store experience inside of a VR headset from the comfort of their own homes. Some of the biggest retailers and online stores have jumped on the opportunity to integrate VR into customer experiences because it is clearly evident that this technology will usher in a new era of shopping.
Check out this Forbes article to learn more about what you may be able to expect.
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VR Helping NFL Players

Football season is officially underway! So is the discussion surrounding concussions, and analytic methods to making the game safer for players.

Crosswater is an advocate for using eye tracking in VR to capture analytics and gain quantitative insights. New developments in Virtual Reality eye-tracking technology provide team doctors with fast and accurate measurements of brain health to give players a greater understanding of the risks associated with entering back into play too quickly after a head injury.

Hall of Fame San Francisco 49ers QB, Steve Young, whose career was cut short by a concussion, advocates for this new method, calling it “empowering” to players who can now make informed, game-time decisions regarding their brain health.

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View From Inside a B-17

Get ready to go back in history with Crosswater’s VR/360 producer and avid aviation enthusiast, Dan, as he takes us on his adventure in a B-17 bomber, known as the “Flying Fortress” during WW II.

Join Dan as he explores inside the aircrafts multiple turrets and captures a birds eye view of the terrain below and the skies above!

Many thanks to the US Air Force and the Niagara Falls Air Base for allowing us to capture this immersive video, and share it with you.

Wear a VR headset and headphones for the most immersive experience! Like, follow and share Crosswater’s Social Media pages to stay connected and be the first to know about our exclusive VR/360 content.

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POCUS Collaboration

Crosswater welcomed Inteleos’ Director of Conceptual Research and Design, Elizabeth Santana and Dr. Rubens Pessanha from the Point-of-Care Ultrasound Certification Academy where they joined the Crosswater team and UB Graduate School of Education’s Dr. Richard Lamb for an afternoon of creative brainstorming on the benefits of immersive training and learning.

To learn more about how you can get accredited, and see why Point of Care Ultrasound has gained adoption on a global scale, visit https://www.pocus.org/

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Distraction Therapy

VR’s potential to transform the approach taken by pediatric doctors to reduce stress, anxiety and discomfort is staggering.

Stanford Children’s Health – Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital was one of the first hospitals in the country to implement VR ‘Distraction Therapy.’

Read the article to hear the personal story of how doctors were able to reduce the amount of sedatives given to 9-year-old Blaine Baxter, and you will begin to understand the power of VR for medical professionals.

Contact Crosswater at (716) 884-8486, crosswater@crosswater.net, Facebook Messenger, or LinkedIn for more information about how VR/360 can be implemented to improve medical experiences, for patients and doctors.

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VR Education

VR has made revolutionary strides in education.

The immersion offered by VR/360 media content has the potential to increase information retention, improving the effectiveness of teaching.

This article breaks down advantages and benefits of all aspects associated with using VR/360 content for education.

Crosswater specializes in VR education for all grade levels. Contact Crosswater at (716) 884-8486, crosswater@crosswater.net, Facebook Messenger, or LinkedIn for more information about what VR/360 can offer you.

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Thunder of Niagara Airshow VR/360

See and feel the roar of the USAF Thunderbirds in an immersive experience captured by Crosswater VR/360 Producers, Dan & Lauren!

Look up to the sky and follow the formation of F-16 Thunderbirds soaring overhead! Crosswater’s audio engineers have years of experience in sound designing spatial audio, so make sure to wear your headphones for the fully immersive experience. You’ll feel like you’re there!

Try following the jets with your ears as their thunderous power passes over your head! Then, open your eyes and see if they catch up to where your ears had sensed their location. It’s a wild experience!

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While consumer adoption of VR/360 technology has been a bit slower than expected by industry experts, there is one use that continues to see steady growth; Education.
Facebook owned, Oculus, is reconfirming the industry’s dedication to using Immersive media to revolutionize educational standards around the world. Recently, they announced that they are providing Oculus Rift and Oculus GO headsets to schools around the world, to familiarize teachers with using the technology, and continue to measure the effectiveness of this method.
Crosswater has been dedicated to the use of Immersive VR/360 content in education for years. Contact Crosswater at (716) 884-8486, crosswater@crosswater.net, Facebook Messenger, or LinkedIn for more information, or if you’re curious about the advantages of VR in Education.
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