Father Baker is on the path to becoming a Saint!

Part of his story is about to be told through the voice of Brian Dennehy, in “Building A Basilica”, a DaybreakTV production that will air on ABC-TV nationally on January 19th, 2014. (See local listings for your area’s schedule).

In addition to sound design and mastering the audio for this documentary, Crosswater has provided the original score to this fascinating tale of Venerable Baker’s vision to build Our Lady Of Victory Basilica and National shrine, in honor of the Blessed Mother Mary.

The music score includes a theme song, O Victorious Lady. Thanks to its growing popularity among listeners, the song is destined to become a popular 21st century hymn. (soon to be available on iTunes).

Composer John Michael Adamo invited parish choirs from the region to accompany soloist Jena Abati in this memorable tribute to the Venerable Baker’s favorite prayer.

The long path to Sainthood is certain to shorten as viewers become aware of Venerable Baker’s early 20th century humanitarian contributions to civil rights, how he brought dignity to unwed mothers and orphans, and how building a dream in an era fraught with despair could be accomplished with faith, perseverance, and determination.